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2. Blyton, P., Blunsdon, B., Reed, K., Dastmalchian, A. (Edited). (2006). Work – life Integration. Internatiol Perspectives on the Balancing of Multiple Roles. Palgrave macmillan.

The question of work-life balance and the difficulties of integrating multiple roles is attracting considerable interest. This international collection broadens the focus of current debates and presents recent research findings that will aid understanding, and further stimulate both theoretical develop­ment and empirical studies. While much previous research has focused on the challenges faced by working mothers, the research presented in this collection extends this by introducing perspectives that have not been widely included in previous work in the field, such as the voice of children, the challenges that students face, the impact of religion on attitudes to work, and the different issues and approaches of employers, trade unions and the state to work-life balance. Findings from a variety of research approaches are discussed, ranging from in-depth interviews to analysis of cross-national survey data.
Paul Blyton is Professor of Industrial Relations and Industrial Sociology at Cardiff Business School, Cardiff University, UK and a Research Associate, ESRC Centre for Business Relationships, Accountability, Sustainability and Society (BRASS).
Betsy Blundon is Senior Lecturer in Management at Deakin University, Australia.
Ken Reed is Associate Professor of Management Research and Associate Director of the Centre for Business Research, Deakin University, Australia.
Ali Dastmalchian is Professor of Organizational Analysis and Dean of the Faculty of Business, University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Felstead A., Jewson N., Walters S. Changing Places of Work. 2005. Palgrave macmillan.
Managerial and professional workplaces are changing r traditional office space, its routines and disciplines are being relocated and transformed, whether at hot desks or in touchdown areas, in hi offices, airport lounges, or on trains.
This vivid and insightful text draws on original research to what these developments mean for workers and their organization twenty-first century. Real-life situations richly illustrate its main themes of time and space, privacy and surveillance, and choice and constraint.
The book describes how, for example:
   ■ staff attempt to 'stall' hotdesking by colonizing their own spa< to congregate with friends;
   ■ homeworkers negotiate the fluid boundaries between their domest working lives, apologizing for children's noise in 'office hours when working overtime;
   ■ employees resist close supervision despite their electronic d! mobile phones, and find new ways of bringing their hard wc commitment to their manager's attention.
Offering an important overview and sources of data in an undet area, the book will provide a foundation for future debate and research. It is accessible and relevant to a wide range of students taking courses in sociology, geography, business studies, organization studies and management, as well as researchers and educators in these fields.
Alan Felstead is Professor of Employment Studies at the Centre for L Market Studies, University of Leicester. His research focuses on non-standau forms of employment, the spaces and places of work, training, skills and workplace learning. His recent books include In Work, At Home (with Nick Jewson) and Global Trends in Flexible Labour (co-edited with Nick Jewson).
Nick Jewson is a Senior Lecturer at the Centre for Labour Market Studies, University of Leicester. He has published widely on a range of employment issues, including non-standard forms of employment, the changing spatial locations of work, and equal opportunities policies and practices.
Sally Walters is the Research Manager at Asset Skills. She was prev Research Fellow at the Centre for Labour Market Studies, University of Leicester. She has published articles on non-standard forms of work, the changing spatial location of work; and women's attitudes to wo and trade unionism.

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